July 30, 2009

Will Other Brokers Follow Zecco's Lead?

Out of all the online stock brokers, Zecco is unquestionably one of the most innovative. First of all they shook up the market by offering free stock trades to it's customers (as well as low costs for options trading) and then it decided to enter the lucrative forex market as well with Zecco Forex.

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March 21, 2009

Forex Profit Accelerator Preview

Bill Poulos has decided to re-release Forex Profit Accelerator to the general public next Tuesday. Last time it went on sale it sold out within a matter of days, so this should be quite a busy sales period.

Forex Profit Accelerator is a collection of four forex trading strategies that you can use to trade the daily charts on an end-of-day basis. These systems were specifically designed so that you wouldn't have to spend all day sat in front of your computer. You just look at the forex markets at the end of the trading day and then look for instances where the trading criteria of one or more of these systems has been met, and then plan your trades accordingly for the next day.

There are four trading systems in total and they each look to generate anything from 40 points right up to 500 points or more.

Anyway if you want to find out more about the Forex Profit Accelerator course, you can do so by clicking here and reading a full Forex Profit Accelerator review. The product itself isn't cheap but you will rarely come across any negative reviews about this course, and if you do they're usually by people who haven't actually purchased the product.



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August 15, 2008

ADVFN Review

ADVFN (short for Advanced Financial Network) is one of the largest financial sites on the internet. It caters mainly towards UK-based traders and investors and offers a whole wealth of financial information on UK companies.

They offer free stock quotes, stock charts (both historical and real-time charts), streaming market news and real-time share prices. Plus you can also  More on ADVFN Review

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